Testimonials of thanks for our professional expertise, knowledge and judgement. 

Barbara provided exactly the services I needed to help ensure a good outcome for my recent heart surgery – from researching the top heart surgeons in New England, helping me weigh my surgical options and choosing the best hospital, to providing emotional support to my wife while I was in the ICU. I am grateful for her guidance in what was a near-optimal experience. I recommend Barbara highly, and would gladly work with her again if the need arises.

—Mike Lints, MIT engineer

Before we met Barbara, we had bought a wheelchair for my ailing elderly mother, and my father was exhausted from attempting to take care of her, and becoming ill himself. Barbara met with our entire family for 3 hours and then found us a fantastic home health aide within days of beginning the search, an equally fantastic physical therapist who makes home visits, as well as, the best orthopedic surgeon and Geriatrician. Barbara also set up a diet and supplement regime for both parents that has also done them a lot of good. In less than a year, my mother now walks on her own with no wheelchair, cane or anything, and my dad has regained his health. Annie, our health aide, says that Barbara was always available for questions, and helped immensely in setting up routines and fine tuning the supplements, etc.

My brother and sisters and I no longer worry during the day, because we know our parents are being well taken care of. Barbara did such a good job in setting us up, that we no longer need her on a continuous basis, but know that she is there if we ever need her for questions, doctor’s referrals, or anything else. Thank you Barbara!

—Julie Mankiewicz, educator

It started with a dreaded phone call: Dad is having a heart attack. Tapping my immediate resources, I called Barbara Abruzzo. Her knowledge and expertise in navigating his crisis was an extraordinary blessing.

We quickly mapped out an action plan and I was able to get my father out of the wrong hospital and into the right one to get the care he needed to survive: a quintuple bypass. It involved going up the chain of medical command; feeling empowered to speak with authority to all the doctors; get answers; know what to expect; stay composed to support my own family and myself throughout. Barbara guided and supported me incredibly through the whole process.

—Lars Svanberg, entrepreneur

I’m a Multiple Sclerosis patient of many years. Barbara Abruzzo led me to the care of new doctors while helping me maintain the quality of my health and deal with the progression of my disease. Barbara is a compassionate, knowledgeable & connected healthcare professional who is an expert at assessing complex health care needs. She acts with a sense of urgency and her Rolodex is unparalleled. There’s no one else I know who equals her comprehensive intake and extensive research on physicians and treatments.

—Lynn Arthur, IT consultant

At one point, a day after getting home from extensive abdominal surgery, I was feeling very weak and my doctor’s office staff was not listening to me. Immediately after calling Barbara, she made an emergency assessment and called my doctor and an ambulance, sending me back to the hospital believing I might have a post operative infection and she was correct. I trust her with my life.

—Alma Phipps, graphic designer

When my aunt was released from the hospital to die because they were not able to diagnose what was wrong, I called Barbara in desperation. Within 24 hours, we had a new doctor and tentative diagnosis, followed by an inter-hospital transfer. There is no question in my mind that her life was saved by Barbara’s intervention. I highly recommend Barbara and am grateful to know her.

—Lynn Arthur, IT consultant

Barbara helped me navigate through a complicated health situation. I needed abdominal surgery but with a complicated health history, faced considerable medical risks. Barbara referred me to more than five physicians, both surgeons and gynecologists. She prepared me nutritionally and emotionally for my surgery. Her considerable knowledge and holistic approach helped me sort through my issues and options, and to make my own informed decisions with confidence regarding which doctors and treatments were best and right for me.

—Laura B., advertising executive

My trusted primary care physician referred me to Barbara Abruzzo, and her guidance led to my cure from prolonged Lyme’s disease. She brought a deep knowledge of the disease, and supported me psychologically, while helping me navigate the confusing medical choices I faced. I’m 100% well today and owe much of that to her.

—Dave Sokolin, international entrepreneur

Barbara is an alchemist. She helped save my daughter’s life, then empowered me to transform from stuck to un-stoppable.

Joey Hoffman, writer, holistic health client and mother of 8-year-old Daisy who received a multiple-organ transplant