Why Engage a Healthcare Navigation Specialist™?

1. Because our healthcare system is broken

Healthcare in America is plagued with problems, putting people at risk physically, emotionally and financially.

It’s fragmented: often provided by multiple physicians, and by sub-specialists focused on one organ system. They rarely have a complete picture of you as a person, understanding the demands and stresses of your daily life, and what you may need on different levels.

Patients, doctors and nurses feel powerless to do anything to change the quality of care provided, its impersonality, the minimal time allowed for visits, or its excessive cost. All this, plus a serious lack of communication and coordination, leads to uncertain, impersonal and less-than-optimal care.

It takes a healthcare expert to help you move through it.

Engage Livingwell’s Healthcare Navigation Specialists™, who will spend time with you one-to-one to understand you and your needs, and assist you in reaching a plan of action consistent with your goals, beliefs and comfort level.

Our Healthcare Navigation Specialists™ will help you make sense of the often overwhelming amount of information you get from different care providers, so you are able to evaluate it properly and comfortable to make well-informed decisions.

2. Because you won’t always get referred to the best physicians or hospital

Why? Because physicians often limit their referrals to their own networks. Few have the time or contacts to find the right and best physicians and/or hospitals you need outside of them.

We’ll help you to find the right doctors and treatment options.

Our Healthcare Navigation Specialists™  are all highly-knowledgeable, registered nurses who understand – by working closely and personally with you – what makes a physician or other practitioner a good fit.  Our HNSs will draw from various sources, including recommendations from world renown physician colleagues.

3. Because being in the hospital exposes you to serious risks

Hospitals can be unsafe. The Institute of Medicine reports that anywhere between 44,000 and 98,000 hospital patients die each year because of medical mistakes – and those numbers are based on what hospitals report. This is the equivalent of having one to two jumbo jets filled with passengers fatally crash every two days.

Hospital-acquired infections also harm nearly two million patients and kill approximately 90,000 people a year; more than diabetes or influenza/pneumonia.

Physician error is a frequent known cause, but recent studies revealed the nationwide nursing shortage is also a contributing risk factor. High patient-to-nurse ratios, fatigue on long shifts, mandatory overtime, a lack of experienced staff, and inadequate time for monitoring patients are all being associated with poor medical results and higher death rates.

We’ll help you stay out of the hospital, or help you minimize your risks if you have to go there.

For some people, the right support and guidance on preventive care will keep them healthy and out of the hospital. But if you must be hospitalized, our Healthcare Navigation Specialists™ will provide active guidance on how to stay safe, avoid complications and errors while you’re in any medical facility, and improve your chances for a fast release. Including an in-hospital checklist, ongoing coordination of care and emotional support for any family members.

4. Because the healthcare system has its priorities backwards

Our current system usually waits for diseases to occur, then aims to treat them. Too little emphasis is put on disease prevention and wellness, which should be the first priority.

We’ll help you make healthy diet and lifestyle choices to prevent disease in the first place.

Our Healthcare Navigation Specialists™  are also holistic health coaches and are well versed in all aspects of healthy living and disease prevention, and is prepared to guide and support you in these areas. This includes nutrition and the right use of dietary supplements, exercise, stress management, and other health and wellness strategies. All to empower you. All to maintain and enhance your sense of well-being.

5. Because Internet information can often be inaccurate and conflicting

Many people facing a health issue go to the Internet for answers. Approximately 56 million Baby Boomers alone are online, and 3/4 of them search for health-related information there. But what they find is not only overwhelming in sheer volume, but can be inaccurate, conflicting and confusing.

We’ll help you identify and understand the information that’s relevant and credible.

Our Healthcare Navigation Specialists™ will guide and support you in exploring online and other information, assess its validity, appropriateness for your issue, and then help you to weigh the options that emerge from this information.

6. Because there’s little support for dealing with serious health issues of loved ones

For consumers dealing with an ill, aging, or dying parent or loved one, support for the challenges, such as choosing a facility, signing a do not resuscitate order, or dealing with one’s own emotional turmoil around those decisions is often lacking.

We provide the special support required for dealing with serious health issues of a loved one.

Livingwell’s Healthcare Navigation Specialist™ services extend to dealing with ill, aging, or dying parents or loved ones, maybe trying to find and choose a care plan or facility for them, making health proxy decisions, or helping them reach other health care decisions. Our Healthcare Navigation Specialists™ are trained to handle elderly and end-of-life issues, including giving thoughtful emotional and decision-making support to anyone in your family circle.

7. Because today’s traditional healthcare professionals focus almost exclusively on symptoms

They generally concentrate on the purely physical aspects of your illness and ignore the vital emotional, psychological and spiritual ones. This often leads to a lower overall feeling of patient trust and satisfaction.

We support you on all levels and every aspect of your healthcare journey.

Our Healthcare Navigation Specialist™ are trained to listen to and support you on every needed level; whatever your situation. They will stand by you, and always keep a strong focus on total quality of your health, life and well-being.