Who we are

Livingwell Care Navigation™ is a national medical navigation service that offers you expert professional guidance and medical decision support on how to safely navigate the medical system to find the right and best care. Our goal is to help our clients heal on all levels and return to a state of vital health and well-being.

Livingwell works with private clients world-wide, providing professional guidance & support, on any health related issue across the life span, from the premature infant to the homebound Senior. Our services range from comprehensive, integrative management of cancer, autoimmune, neurodegenerative & chronic disorders, persistent Lyme, patients pending hospitalization & surgery, Seniors aging at home or in a facility & ultimately, easeful dying. 

Livingwell’s Medical Decision Support Specialists™ possess the professional skills, knowledge and judgment to help you to find the right and best physicians, evaluate your treatment options, minimize your risks whenever hospitalized, manage your chronic or autoimmune disorders with diet and lifestyle modification, and make well-informed decisions regarding your own or a loved one’s care.

For clients dealing with an ill or dying parent or loved one, our Medical Navigation Specialists™ offer guidance on home hospice, choosing a facility, signing a do not resuscitate order, or dealing with one’s own emotional turmoil surrounding these decisions.

How We Can Help You

  • Help you to find the right physicians, surgeons and best hospitals

  • Prepare you for and accompany you to medical appointments

  • Collect and process all the information about your care and explain what is happening

  • Coordinate care and communication with each of your physicians

  • Research all medical literature to discover the full range of treatment options for you

  • Comprehensive review of your medications and supplements

  • Create a unique overview of your medical history and current health issues

  • Ask the right questions and relay information from medical visits to your family or caregiver

  • Aid in safe and successful transition of care after surgery or hospitalization

  • Visit you in a hospital or nursing facility and optimize your care during your stay

Livingwell’s Medical Decision Support Specialists™ advise and guide clients challenged with any health issue to include: cancer, neurodegenerative and autoimmune disorders, autism, anorexia, spinal cord injury, chronic disorders and infections such as Lyme disease, patients pending hospitalization and surgery, and Seniors aging at home or in a facility.

We consult in person and by phone, with clients across the U.S. and around the English-speaking world. An initial consultation is 2 hours, scheduled upon completion of three comprehensive questionnaires: medical and family history, current symptoms and diet-and-lifestyle.

Our services are not currently reimbursable by insurance.

Barbara Abruzzo, RN

Barbara Abruzzo RN

Founder & President

Barbara Abruzzo RN, BCPA is a licensed healthcare professional, board certified patient advocate, and social entrepreneur responsible for developing, launching, and leading three revolutionary healthcare companies.

In January of 2000, pioneering the way for the healthcare advocacy and medical navigation industry, Barbara founded Livingwell Care Navigation. The company’s mission rests on Barbara’s unwavering belief that in order to live as healthy as possible for as long as possible, a fundamentally different approach is needed to find the right and safest care.

Barbara developed the concept of Medical Decision Support Specialists™ and created a highly selective team of licensed healthcare professionals, each with 10+ years of expertise in nursing or medicine who possess the skills, knowledge and judgment to seek and find the best physicians, safest treatment options and best care for Livingwell’s clients, and then to facilitate that care.

Prior to founding Livingwell Care Navigation, Barbara’s successes include launching and leading Critical Resources, the nation’s first and only pediatric “critical care at home” service for ventilator-dependent infants and Wellness Promotion Services, an industry-leading, acute care hospital RN staffing service.

Today, Barbara continues to lead and expand Livingwell’s success based upon her unique ability to think outside the box and across disciplines. Her impeccable standards, ability to take an idea from concept to launch, and unique gift for developing a business into an industry leader are clear once more. By leveraging her emotional intelligence, she continues to attract the best and brightest talent and earn their respect and trust, which always has set her companies far above the competition.

Barbara and her team are committed to helping you find your own path to health and healing: an informed path to finding the right and best care so that you heal on all levels and return to a state of vitality and well-being. You will gain a medical champion who will support you and your family while ensuring your safety and protecting your privacy.