Complex Care Navigation Specialists

1. Help You Manage a Serious Illness

Research your illness and treatment options and refer you to the most highly regarded medical & surgical specialists based upon your diagnosis. Provide you with a clear Plan of Action. Help you effectively manage your care on an ongoing basis, especially for clients diagnosed with Cancer, Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Persistent Lyme, Dementia, Autoimmune and Neurodegenerative Disorders, and Seniors Aging at home or in a facility.

2. Find the Right Physicians and Surgeons

Refer you to specialists for first, second and third opinions on diagnoses and treatment options, all with the most highly regarded physicians and surgeons, nationally and internationally.

3. Research and Help You Evaluate Treatment Options

Research and help you better understand your treatment options. Guide you through weighing your options, so that you can make well informed decisions for yourself and loved ones.

4. Help You Prepare for a Hospital Stay

Help you prepare physically and emotionally for any planned hospitalization and/or surgery.

5. Maximize Safety and Minimize Risks

Help minimize the real and serious health risks you face while you’re a patient in any hospital. Among the biggest are infections, pneumonia and medical error. As a start, take a look at our ten critical patient safety tips.

6. Help You Manage Chronic Disorders

Help you effectively manage multiple chronic disorders by utilizing the Functional Medicine approach to health and healing. Refer you to the right physicians and practitioners.

7. Arrange Private Homecare - Set Up Home Based ICU’s

Provide patients and family caregivers with the necessary guidance and support to rehabilitate at home. Arrange and manage services, hire full or part time staff such as RNs, Physical Therapists, Home Health Aides or Live-ins.

8. Arrange Senior Care and Healthy Aging in Place

Provide Seniors and family caregivers with the necessary support and guidance needed for healthy and safe aging at home or in assisted-living.

9. Help You Cope with Caregiver Stress

Provide patients and family caregivers the proper emotional and spiritual support necessary for healing and vital well-being. Provide referrals.

10. Plan for End Of Life Care

Provide the needed guidance and support surrounding end of life care, including and spiritual support for clients in need of making health proxy decisions for their loved one. Offer guidance on choosing a facility, setting up home or hospital based hospice, signing a do not resuscitate order, or dealing with one’s own emotional turmoil surrounding these decisions.

11. Resolve Medical Billing and Health Insurance Issues

Work with you, your medical providers and insurance company to verify your eligibility and benefits and secure all pre-authorizations. Then organize, submit, track and negotiate your claims, resolve denials and file appeals.

By retaining Livingwell's services, you gain a medical champion who will support you and your family while ensuring your safety and protecting your privacy. Your dedicated RN Care Navigation Specialist will protect your right to a correct diagnosis, guide you to safely navigate the healthcare system and collaborate with your providers to ensure that that you receive optimum medical care.