Facing a Serious Diagnosis or Surgery and Need Medical Decision Support?

Seeking the Right Doctors, Second Opinions and Safest Treatment Options?

Enduring Complex Chronic Health Issues & Seeking Greater Well-being?

Looking to Age in Place? Need Help Arranging Senior Care or Managing Private Homecare?


Livingwell Care Navigation™ is a complex-care navigation service that offers you expert professional guidance and medical decision support on how to safely navigate the medical system to find the right and best care.

Our team is comprised exclusively of Registered Nurses, healthcare professionals who possesses extensive expertise and insider knowledge, who know where the obstacles are in the healthcare system and how to safely navigate around them. We help you find the right physicians and surgeons, best hospitals, evaluate treatment options, minimize risks and make well-informed choices regarding care.

Livingwell works with private clients worldwide providing guidance on any health issue across the lifespan from the premature infant to the homebound Senior. Our support services range from integrative management of Cancer, Chronic, Neurodegenerative & Autoimmune disorders, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Persistent Lyme, Senior care, Aging in Place and ultimately, easeful dying. 

Livingwell ~ Complex Care Navigation Specialists


Our Care Navigation Specialists possess the professional expertise, knowledge, and judgment to help you find the right and best care and to facilitate and then manage your care.

If you are dealing with an ill or dying parent or loved one, our Care Navigation Specialists offer you guidance on hospice at home, choosing a facility, signing a do not resuscitate order, or dealing with one’s own emotional turmoil surrounding these decisions.

Livingwell’s Care Navigation Specialists are committed to helping you find your own personal path to health and healing; an informed path to finding the right and best care so that you heal on all levels and return to a state of vitality and well-being.


How Our Specialists Can Assist You


By retaining Livingwell's services, you gain a medical champion who will support you and your family while ensuring your safety and protecting your privacy. Your RN Care Navigation Specialist will protect your right to a correct diagnosis, guide you to safely to navigate the healthcare system and collaborate with your providers to ensure that that you receive optimum medical care.

When Facing a Serious Diagnosis or Surgery We provide the resources for second and third opinions that you need to confirm your diagnosis and be confident in your treatment plan.

When Seeking Solutions to Healthcare ChallengesWe bring you medical expertise with access to top healthcare providers who you might otherwise find difficult to access on your own.

When Struggling with Complex Chronic Health Issues We excel at helping you resolve complex medical, surgical, emotional and behavioral challenges that persist despite ongoing treatment.